"Don't give up the ship in the storm because you cannot control the winds."

--Sir Thomas More, Utopia

"When you tend a rose, thistle cannot grow."

--Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

"Counterfeits of the past, under new names, may easily be mistaken for the future."

--Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

"Even in the darkest moments, light exists if you have the faith to see it."

--Dean Koontz, One Door Away From Heaven

"Your smallest action sets off another somewhere else, and is set off by it."

--Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
In the TV movie Arabian Nights the storyteller tells Scheherazade, "People need stories, more than they need bread, itself. They teach us how to live and why" (Arabian Nights, 2000, written by Peter Barnes, directed by Steve Barron).

I believe this is true. Stories can teach us much about ourselves and how to relate to the world around us. This is the premise that drives my writing and fuels my passion for history. After all, history is all about people living their own stories. As we learn people's stories we come to understand them and why they do the things they do. It's a journey of discovery and it is this journey that I wish to share with you.

On this site you'll find more information on the history behind my books along with some of the things that I have learned living my own story. I hope you will poke around a bit and feel free to share your own thoughts and stories with me.
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